Valentine’s Day Massacre

Valentine’s Day Massacre

Sunday 14th February

The Wave Maiden

36 Osborne Road



£6 pounds entry.


It is fast approaching my first spoken word event of the year. I admit I’m nervous. Which some might find surprising, afterall I am a professional storyteller and between Easter and October, I’m usually booked. Except that is mainly children events.

It was only when Will Sutton sent out an email that I realised I will be standing up, performing before or after, some pretty awesome writers. Maggie Sawkins, you know from Zones of Avoidance, you may have read about it in The Guardian? Diana Bretherick, who’s just, finished her second book. Zella Compton children’s author and script writer.

So no pressure.

And I will be standing up with my silly fun piece that I wrote for my hubby in the hopes of making him laugh. He’s currently training hard for a bodybuilding show and occasionally needs a no carb day, which we all understand to be a depressingly difficult thing to do. Especially since my man loves himself a thick slice of bread…

Nerves, and second thoughts don’t you just love them?

But it’s all for a good cause, Portsmouth Bookfest.

I do hope that you can come along.




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