Literature’s Marmite: Why we all need to master writing erotic scenes.

I’m excited to annouce that Tessa Ditner will be teaching a writing workshop on;

4th March

10 am

The Writers at Lovedean

Lovedean Village Hall
6A Lovedean Lane


Tessa Ditner spent many years working at Skin Two Magazine, selecting erotic stories and photography, while complementing her knowledge of the literature with Erotic Bookclub readings and discussions.

In this workshop she will introduce you to iconic erotic scenes vs. Bad Sex Award worthy writing. Then we will do erotic writing exercises including: using the everyday vs the outlandish for world building, erotica as a tool for revealing characterisation, and introducing a wild card into your plot.

Your writing from this workshop might slot into a larger body of your writing in any genre, could inspire a non-fiction erotica project, be turned into a short story in its own right, or why not be a belated Valentine gift to a loved one.

Further reading:
No prior knowledge of erotic literature is required, just bring a pen and paper! In case you would like to read some of the books that will be mentioned in the workshop, here are few fun ones:
House of Holes by Nicholas Baker
My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday
Venus in Furs by Sacher-Masoch


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