Portsmouth Plugged In

Portsmouth Festivities’ 2016, the theme was Electricity, and for ten days the city celebrated Arts, Culture and Heritage. This year was a special event because my idea was in the programme, Portsmouth Plugged In, a collaboratIMG_3473ion between writers and filmmakers.

It was the first time I have ran a creative project of such size, eleven writers used film footage as a writing prompt and then produced monologues which were performed and filmed. You may want to check some of them out.


I thought it would be useful to write list of some of the things I have taken away from working on a project of this size.

  • Procrastination does not work. After assimilating the relevant information, decisions need to be made. Wrong decisions can be salvaged, if discovered early; but right decisions cannot be postponed.
  • When things go wrong, know who you can turn to for help.
  • The success of a project is largely dependent on the skills and strengths of the people involved. Therefore, a project needs to have a dedicated, talented set of individuals working towards a common goal. I was extremely lucky to have a fabulous team around me. http://www.portsmouthpluggedin.uk/our-team/
  • Some people are difficult, but most are fabulous, don’t sit in difficult peoples shadows.
  • Celebrate – things may not have turned out the way I imagined when I put the concept together, but I was extremely proud of the finished project.

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