Fat and Running

Fact: I’m fat.
Fact: I run.
I started running not because I wanted to lose weight but help combat the depression. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)recommends that people with mild to moderate depression take part in about three sessions a week, lasting about 45 minutes to one hour, over 10 to 14 weeks. But if you want to get the chemicals you need to battle the blues, you need to break into a sweat.
Despite all the advertisements claiming that you can go from couch to 5k in 12 weeks, I knew that was an unrealistic goal. So with the help of a trainer called Alec, we set out on a twice-weekly programme. For the first few weeks, we walked a lot and ran a little. It took twelve months, but now I run 5k twice a week. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, but I haven’t dieted.
But my mood has improved. When I do hit a bump in the road, I recover faster. I’m fitter, and a few other health problems have improved.
So here are a few points should you decide to get your trainers on and go for a run.
Start small and make yourself some realistic goals to get back into shape.
If you are a fat woman and running alone there is a chance you may hear, ‘who ate all the pies,’ or ‘fatty.’ Ignore it. If you can look in the car, you may be surprised at how fat the driver is! Don’t pay any attention, if they knew then pain you had to run through they may hesitate. But people who hurl abuse aren’t the sort who can walk a mile in someone else’s trainers.
Which brings me to the point of trainers, you need a decent, but not massively expensive pair. After all, if you keep it up, you’ll have to replace them often.
Fat makes running harder, but not impossible. A good sports bra is an incredible asset.
Over the last few years, I have tried everything to keep the depression in check, and this has hands down been the most successful.


Janathon Day Four

I’m a writer, reader, drawer, knitter….I can carry on with my endless list. But the point I’m making is that most of the things I enjoy are activities of a sedentary nature. I do walk every day, all weathers. Not just because I’m a dog owner, but to beat the blues. On average I take 3-5,000 steps a day. Plus twice a week when most weeks I engage in some sort of formal exercise.

This is my second year of #Janathon – exercising and blogging every day during January. I like it, it’s a good way to kick off the year. This year my official goal was 10,000 steps a day. I was also hoping to go back to the gym as well as my regular scheduled exercise sessions.

It never occurred to me for one moment that I wouldn’t be able to have a go. I have always been overweight, and my twenties and thirties were littered with yo yo diets, all which made me fatter. But I have never let my weight stop me from doing what I want. I’m a qualified scuba diver, I’ve completed a fifty mile sponsored walk, tried mountain climbing, anything I’ve fancied really. I’m always up for a dance at a wedding.

And then last night I watch Katie Hopkins #MyFatStory.

If you want to lose weight, eat less exercise more. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t know this? All fat people make excuses for their weight. No some do, most don’t. I know better than anyone that ‘me’ and my diet are to blame. I have successfully lost weight many times. But guess what I have put it back on and more.

What I disliked about the program the way Katie stood staring around the street calling everyone else around her. It has baffled me. I was out exercising on New Year’s Day, but as Katie put it, if she saw someone like me exercising she would think and say ‘look at the state of her.’

Have an opinion about what the NHS spends their money on, write to an MP. But why create a group of people with one thing in common, weight or lifestyle problems. All ‘fatties’ are the same, and the same solution will work for them all.

Maybe I’m a selfish or completely self-absorbed. But I spend my time thinking about my life plans, my goals, how much writing I’ve done, when my assignment is due in, the deadline for a competition. My kids – thinking about my kids take up a lot of my mental capacity. Currently I’m thinking about my own fitness goal.

Do I notice other people? I thought about this long and hard. Yes. I notice the man walking alone near a playground – yes – that’s a whole other issue. I notice babies, hell, I’m likely to trample someone to see a new born. Old people, I was taught as a child to always look out for anyone who may need help. If someone seems a little too interested in my open bag, I notice. If a good looking man passes by, yes I notice.

Have I looked at someone and judged them on their appearance. Of course I have. I am not a saint. But I am also aware that it is wrong to do so.

The result was that this morning. January 4th, my #Janathon goal was hard. Not because I wanted to lie in and finish my book. Not because I’m fat or because my back hurt. But because it was hard to face up to the fact that some people have a massive obsession with other people’s lives.

In the end I did my 10,000K. So far I have never not completed any challenge I have taken on. I was successful in last year’s #Janathon, #AtoZChallenge, and several years at #NaNoWriMo. Because so far I’m a winner who actually achieves their goals.

Unlike Katie, who failed to lose those last 11lbs and lied to herself and others by stating she didn’t really want to lose them. She was underweight when she started and looked better with the little extra weight. I don’t believe that.

So it was hard getting my steps in this morning, and then I saw a swan, and my dog found a friend and I discussed a project with my husband. I gradually I realised that even if this (I’m not sure what she wants to be called and I really don’t want to offend real celebrities) self-absorbed woman hates me because I’m fat. It is in fact her problem.

#Janathon step goal 10335.