Star and Crescent Press and Social Media Masterclass

Well, I had a nice day and it’s been a while. I was extremely nervous about leaving my daughter on her birthday, but we did have a small party yesterday squeezed into her hectic A Level revision timetable. And we have booked a restaurant for after the exam. So… I headed off to Pompey with my friend who offered to drive and we were both shocked to see that the parking in the city has jumped up from a fiver to £12 for the day. Reeling from the shock, we head to the Eldon business for the Star and Crescent Press and Social Media Masterclass for Writers.
The first session was from Tom Sykes; he is a university staff member, co-founder of the Star and Crescent and a journalist. I certainly picked up some great tips on pitching non-fiction ideas. The information on getting an angle was incredibly useful. I did a brainstorm during the session, and I have already made a list of places I want to pitch. If I were asked what I took away from Tom, I would say it was the emphasis of not rushing and polishing a pitch.
After lunch, it was Sarah Cheverton, a lovely lady with so much energy despite health problems that she just leaves me in awe!  We had a fun look at successful writers Facebook and Twitter pages.  I NEED to change mine, urgently.  Sarah stressed the importance of enjoying what you do, and I realised that is something I need to make it a priority.  The afternoon session left me with a pretty extensive to-do list, but I’m eager to get on and do it!

Today, gave me a real injection of passion, which is much needed, maybe it was just the fact that the room was filled with so many positive and upbeat characters.

I’ve popped the links to the Star and Crescent and also Portsmouth Writing Hub below, both sites are a hive of information and support to writers.